As the Adafruit Sound Board had 10 triggers, students decided to add a lid switch to thank students when they put rubbish in the bin and other buttons that could tell students why it was a good idea to put rubbish in the bin.  Messages were based around the school's code.

The addition of a 2.5AH 3.7V Lipo Battery and the Adafruit PowerBoost 500 Charger meant the bin could be charged using a Solar Panel or power pack.  

It was not without problems though, as PIR sensors have normally closed contacts so it needed some modifications with a npn transistor and a one shot timer to ensure the PIR didn't override the button triggers when a student stood in front of the PIR sensors.  Other than these modifications, ordering the parts they might need and a little support and soldering here and this project was conceived, designed, built and filmed by students.