Quantity   Component name
50 × Unication Alpha Elegant UHF POCSAG pager supporting up to 8 RICs
20 × Unication Alpha Gold UHF POCSAG pager supporting up to 4 RICs
1 × RF DataTech ART 400 UHF paging transmitter. Supports a variety of protocols, up to 5W.
1 × Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Fetches and processes queue from webserver
1 × 3G Modem Router Provides Internet access to the Raspberry Pi
1 × Ethernet Switch
1 × Dialup Modem Allows the Pi to accept dialup shell sessions using GeTTY. Used as a backup if Internet access fails.
1 × 12V 6Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery Backup power source in case of mains failure
1 × 13.8V Power Supply Powers the remote transmitter head and charges the backup battery
1 × Rugged Case Case for the RTH fashioned from a plastic toolbox, with cooling fans and connectors