The Body PCB

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Take the general functionality of your typical MIDI keyboard or control surface and implement it in the form factor of a guitar

recursingingrecursinging 10/05/2018 at 08:020 Comments

The PCB for the body is coming along...

The Teensy 3.6 is hooked up mainly with the edge pins, and a couple of the inner through-hole pins.  None of the inner pads are connected.

Passives are 0805 which I find are pretty easy to solder by hand.  I put the resistors on the bottom of the board as it is more likely that their values be swapped.  Once the female headers for the Teensy are in place, the caps on the top of the board will be hard to get to.

I decided to go with header pins for the sensor connections.  These could be male if you have a dupont crimper tool and you want to make ribbon cables to each sensor, or female if you want to just stick some hook up wire in.

I left space for the Teensy Audio Board to sit piggyback on the Teensy 3.6.  This will require some stackable headers to make happen, but they are cheap.

I also decided to leave the ESP32 off board.  I find the dev board is a little to big, and a module like the WROOM-32 requires a bit more to hook up.  

I'd like to miniaturize the whole thing combining a SGTL5000 with a WROOM-32 in a package small enough to fit in the standard electronics cutout of those cheap Fender strat clones.  It would make integration in a functioning guitar easier if the board was only modestly bigger than the Teensy itself.

I need to tweak a few things and finish fixing the few remaining DRC errors, but this board is almost done.

Next up, A demo video!