• Speak my language

    Tawez12/04/2018 at 12:59 0 comments

    The main issue with this Mac is that Er spricht mit mir in einer Sprache, die ich nicht verstehe. It's easy to fix, unless you do not have installation disks with the system.

    It took some time, but finally I have System 7.5 installation disks.

    Zipp zipp, drrrryyyyy, zipp zipp, bzzzzzzzz... and a new system is installed.

    What next?

    Two 30pin SIMM modules (4MB each) are on their way as well as a brand new PRAM battery. I am also planning something extra... more expenses ahead...

  • It's alive

    Tawez11/10/2018 at 00:10 0 comments

    It took awhile, but finally I've got ADB mouse and keyboard as well as a monitor with VGA to DB15 adapter.

    I've set up everything and it looks like the computer is working!

    There is a German version of OS installed and nothing interesting apart of that.

    I'm making plans to improve and expand... OS, RAM... If you've got any idea, feel free to comment.

    I've changed my mind and because the case is in really good condition, I'm not going to do Retr0bright. I like this Mac the way it is.

  • Calling cleaning staff

    Tawez09/26/2018 at 08:22 0 comments

    Unfortunately, cleaning staff have refused to come. I need to do it by myself.

    I have divided the process into two steps:

    1. Logic board and all the electronics
    2. Computer case

    A bit of compressed air, soft wipe and the fan is like a new. HDD was actually clean, but a bit of compressed air... just to be sure... and it's fine too. FDD was really dusty. After cleaning it, I have used isopropyl alcohol to clean the driver head.

    And last but not least, the logic board. It took me over an hour and a half to clean it. Compressed air turned out to be invaluable once again as well as synthetic brush. After removing all the dirt, I've cleaned the PCB using isopropyl alcohol.

    My first time, not too bad...

    So what's inside an average old computer, you may ask. Well, actually nothing you would expect: sand, soil, dead leafs, two dead spiders and one snail (dead as well).

    Oh, the case... I need a coffee and warm up before the long battle. Soundgarden will be a good companion, Johnny Cash will do the job as well.

    The PSU was quite easy to clean. Steel wool, a bit of patience et voilà:

    The top cover is a completely different story. The metal shield has been corroded so I've separated it from the plastic case. It allowed me to wash the plastic part. Then I've started to rid off the rust.

    I was using steel wool to lightly rusted places and the sandpaper to all the rest, starting with grit 200 and then using grit 400 to finish the surface.

    The result of four intensive hours - top cover before and after the whole process:

    The DB25 and DB15 sockets on logic board were also rusty. The best way was to use steel wool, but I am not so happy with the final results. Nevertheless it looks much better.

    All the parts are clean now, so I've decided to test the logic board. I've connected PSU, fan and speaker to the logic board, crossed my fingers then turned the power on... and...

    Well, not too bad I think.

    Now I need to grab ADB keyboard and mouse and find any LCD display. And it will be not so easy, because I don't have any at the moment. It means more expenses...

  • Will it blend?

    Tawez09/23/2018 at 14:30 0 comments

    It will blend for sure, but the real question is if it will work. Of course I can power it up right now, but because of the rust I am afraid that this approach will cause some serious damage to the logic board. I'd like to disassemble the computer and inspect power supply first.

    Macintosh LC like computers are really easy to disassemble. Actually you don't need any tool to do this. Every part of the computer is holded by plastic latches that are part of the bottom case. Disassembling process is very intuitive and the only thing you should pay an attention to are plastic latches that can be broken easily. If you would like to see the whole process step by step, watch Apple Macintosh LC II (1992) Full Tour and Disassembly.

    The housing of the power supply is a bit rusty, but it seems that it's not a real issue because it's only on the surface (no deep corrosion).

    I have disassembled the power supply and cleaned it. The PCB looks fine, without any sign of corrosion, but I've inspected it with the multimeter, just to be sure..

    I've assembled everything together and now it's a moment of truth. I've turned on the power supply... no smoke, great!... and checked the output voltages (+5V, +12V and -5V). Everything looks good.

    Measuring the voltage and taking the picture in the same time. Where is my third hand?

    Now I can invest more time in this project... and more money... obviously.

  • First impression

    Tawez09/22/2018 at 23:59 0 comments

    The case of the Macintosh is yellowed, which is common for such an old computer. A good thing is that it's uniformly yellowed. There is no stains, dents or cracks of the case.

    After opening the top cover the things don't look so encouraging.

    The top cover is rusted and this is a bad sign in general...

    ...because there is also a lot of rust signs on the power supply and other metal parts.

    There is a lot of dirt, rusty particles... and even spider webs.

    The PRAM battery is dead (0.04 V), but it has not leaked - lucky me!

    The floppy disk drive will need a special attention as well.

    Neither good or bad... we will see...

  • Motivation

    Tawez09/21/2018 at 20:34 0 comments

    I was looking for an old Macintosh for a while, but couldn't decide which model I'd like to have... I was thinking about something with 68030 + FPU... maybe with NuBus, but not too big. Then by accident I've found Macintosh Performa 400, which is actually a Macintosh LC II. It was described as "for parts or repair", but the photos were looking quite promising.

    Macintosh LC II wasn't really a machine of my dreams. No FPU, 16-bit wide data bus, a 10MB RAM limit... no fun at all.

    But hey, it was really cheap. I think that even if it won't work, it is a great opportunity to try to restore an old computer.

    So here it is...

    Let the adventure begin.