• Open Source SETI / METI Space Company (Real Non-profit Irrevocable Foundation / Explicit No-Profit-Coversion)

    03/20/2023 at 06:39 0 comments

    My newest project is perhaps the best and coolest project I have ever thought up. It would be so cool to have a space company that is a non-profit and responding to Elon Musk's criticism about Open AI, the proper charter would make it explicit that the Open nature of the  Project, the promotion of  student, member, and citizen scientist's ideas, novel methods of detection, trasnsmission and the other components necessary for satalites and probes, such as telemetry, communications, power, and propulsion solutions will be the main focus to allow anyone with the ability not necessary a piece of paper that they had to pay a lot of money in typically unfair education systems, will not be excluded and they can have their ideas seriously evaluated and perhaps used on one of the hopefully many different types of objects we launch into space. We will expand the current global SETI and METI Initiatives by employing all of those with a genuine interest and who now can play an indirect or direct role in answering this long searched for answer. ARE WE ALONE? The budget, methods, and results unfiltered and due to out foundation being located in Switzerland, some technologies that some countries would claim had a "dual use" such as the use of lasers or other potentially harmful waves or particles when shot into deep spaxe with the encoding to communicate not to harm would never be used or borrowed by any power for any miliatary service as prohibited by the Swiss Constitution. 

    We need a few strong financial backers or the interest of many who will fund our establishment but it should be bites that though we will allow you to use your association with us for marketing, you donations, other than sitting on our board of directors, with non-voting rights, or if selected by the membership an equal vote as with the other member board members and your donations shall not be accepted with any strings or condition but should be made for the mere purpose of seeing this project work. 

    I have written a sample business plan (unnamed as that will also be a decision made by the board and members by a vote. The initial board will be chosen from candidates who have certain scientific qualifications (about half and a science committee wiith the same shall be the sole arbiter of which submitted technologies are the most feasible but effort will be made to make amature and student submissions acceptable if only minor revisions are needed and they represent, in the opinion of the committee a new step in the right direction.