SerialDebug library - Improved serial debugging

Improved debug to Arduino w/ simple debugger,
to see/change global variables, to add watches or call function
In runtime, in serial monitor

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Now we can have better debug with Arduino

SerialDebug library features:

- Debug levels

Modern debug/logging have it, as ESP-IDF, Android and iOS

It is good to filter messages that is showed.
And can be change the level in serial monitor.

- Debug w/ printf

printf is a good C/C++ print formatter for debugs
But, few boards, as ESP8266 and ESP32, have it on Serial class.
With this lib, you can use this good formatter

- Simple software debugger

It is for when not have real hardware debugger, e.g. GDB/JTAG,
or not have skills on it.

- And more

See it on YouTube:


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