How to detect beats of a sound. you probably think about a microphone, fourier transform, peak detection, But after real case testing. a v easy sound detector sensor can do the job, because we can just use the volume. I used the sound detector sensor as below. if using the digital output of the sensor. I can only get binary, it will not give a good music visualizer to me, but when I use the analog output of it, it gave me the scale of volume by voltage. this is what my music visualizer is based on. so when I move this project to raspberry pi. I need a ADS1015 to do the job.

The prototype is made with a v budget version of

+ an unofficial Neopixel LED Ring (made trouble to pi)


+ a digital sound detector (not even a microphone)

(I don't know how to draw the connection, man. here is the photo. sorry for that, I will make it formal asap.)

To join the competition of Visualize it with PI

I modified to

+ raspberry PI Zero

+ same sound detector

+ ADS1015

+ NeoPixel Ring

(Unfortanately, since the NeoPixel Ring I used is too bad quality, it doesn't work properly with the standard LED library rpi_ws281x. )

the hardware in the prototype is not integrated to the lemonade itself. but a LED ring place under the glass bottle. (pretty lame, right? I know. can be anything, but lemonade is ideal diffusion.)

Future Plan,

I need an good quality Neo Ring to make the library works on Pi.

and also if I don't play electronic music which counts lots on rhythm but play some pop music with vocal. you will see the bottle keeps blinking. v not cool, so I want a hardware knob to control the sensitivity, it is necessary if I wanna make the bottle universal fitting, from free jazz to heavy metal.

second thought is replacing the sound detector with a real microphone. then i can have more room on the processing,

third thought is if I can get better LED equipment, I wanna make the visual more playful and dynamic. like particle chasing game or physics bouncing effect but on LED. (so much on my mind, too less got done.)

I also need a clever design, will be good if anyone can give me an direction how to really design a stand-alone bottle music visualizer. where I can not only hide all the component cleverly but also can drink the blinky drink,

So if anyone is interested, yoooooo, of course we can work on it further together.