Quantity   Component name
1 × Neck 3D print of Neck part
1 × Body 3D print of Body part
1 × Pegbox 3D print of Pegbox part. Note: match Pegbox print to tuners you're using!
1 × Bridge 3D print of Bridge part, or use a bridge of your choice
1 × Ukelele Friction Tuners Need four tuners total, usually one set. I recommend Grover 88B or 3055 (Sta-Tite 4W)
1 × 4/4 Violin Strings Medium tension synthetic core 4/4 string set
1 × 4/4 Violin Tail Piece Wittner 918119 works, but any tail piece should be fine
1 × 4/4 Violin Chin Rest Wittner 250111 works for sure. Most chin rests will fit.
2 × Carbon Fiber Tube 6x8x330mm is the size you want. You probably only need one.