inofficial conference badge for 35c3

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A group around Spacehuhn asked me to design an inofficial conference badge for 35c3.

It started with a generic description:
"An ESP8266 badge that has an 1.3 inch OLED and NRF24L01 module, because Wi-Fi will be a mess. Then one button to push to send a message out." And my response was "2.4GHz to get away from 2.4GHz - let me see if I can add a CC1101".

thanks to a oshpark coupon I was motivated to work on the badge some more and add a PCF8574 IO port expander and an attiny that will hopefully turn the beak / horn into touch buttons as well.

  • lcsc snail mail is fast

    davedarko12/21/2018 at 09:31 0 comments

    The order at LCSC got here quicker than the NRF24 and CC1101 modules, in fact I'm still waiting for them! Still I had to prepare kits and label what was needed on them. Most of them aren't that bad, just missing an optional LiPo connector for badges that can also be powered by three AAA batteries. They're still nice ESP8266 based badges, but with no "extended RF range". There are #Shitty Add-Ons  as well and some stickers.   

  • kitting up all the parts and panic shopping

    davedarko12/08/2018 at 23:38 0 comments

    35C3 is in 17 days and I'm missing some parts - so I panic ordered some parts on, just to notice in checkout that for DHL express shipping they now want a VAT number. Hmm. Normal post it is then, let's hope all the stuff arrives before I leave to my grandparents place. 

    The only crucial parts missing are, apart from the hopefully soon arriving CC1101 and NRF modules: the CH340C and some neopixels. I should have added the crystal and caps pads for the CH340G just in case something like this would happen.. also I can't find my bag of neopixels.

    Some parts I have to bodge on, for example some parts are 0805 and go on 0603 pads or vice-versa, but that should be fine. 

  • updates are on twitter

    davedarko11/24/2018 at 20:59 0 comments

    hey, so currently f0wl is the only one able to work on the badge and there are some updates to find here

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