• PWNed the PWNer

    01/16/2018 at 17:52 1 comment

    So recently I thought about if it would be possible to have an ESP8266 module troll a "basic settings" deauther by @Stefan Kremser - turns out it is :) I'm a bit proud over here.  

    Code is here: https://gist.github.com/davedarko/87183b00e77ffb8fc59f89bf3b23d561

  • my hack(s) of the day

    11/06/2017 at 19:48 7 comments

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BbKT75oHoso/ I didn't want to buy another module that's more "fitting", and I noticed that this might just work, and it did :)

    Also this :)

  • Aisler vs. OSHPark comparison

    10/21/2017 at 10:25 3 comments

    Update 23rd of October

    Aisler now offers free shipping!

    Please keep in mind that I was able to participate in some test runs and beta tests, some anecdotes are hidden in this write up. They're definitely safe to try out :)

    I've met @Felix Plitzko at the MakerFaire Hannover this year and we've talked about boards that AISLER has already made for the company I work for. Felix told me he likes the #LAMEBOY and offered me a free round of boards and a metal stencil to compare. Here is an overview of their service compared to OSH Park. They don't make it a secret that OSH Park is definitely an inspiration. 

    Prices for shipping
    to and buying in Germany
    20.24€ * 22.17€ 28.17€ (-6.00€ for shipping)
    Layer parameters2 (0.8mm, 1.6mm)
    4 (1.6mm)
    2 (1.6mm)
    4 layers in beta
    Design Rules6mil trace clearance
    6mil trace width
    10mil drill size
    5mil annular ring
    4mil trace clearance
    4mil trace width
    8mil drill size
    10+drill size mil min pad 
    color of PCBspurpleolive green  (sadly not orange)
    Design file supporteagle, KiCad, gerbereagle, KiCad, fritzing, gerber
    production time12 calendar days + shipping12 days + shipping

    *no tolls bc below import tax minimum and with free shipping

    The first picture shows a round of the first version of Lameboy, some parts are replaced now or moved or deleted (kind of sad about the steel stencil). I swear I replaced the OSH Park logo on the AISLER boards with an AISLER appropriate text, but I must have mixed files up. You can see a yellow "x- out" sticker, where I currently have no idea what it means, but the board's pads look pretty pierced, may be from electrical testing? The typical "byte marks" on the OSH Park boards (7 here) are sometimes slightly in the board, AISLER gives you a clean bulge.  

    As you can see here the OSH Park silkscreen had some issues in this 0.8mm run, the C and RST labels of the buttons aren't printed well, where as the AISLER board is slightly offset to the bottom, so the OFF and ON Lines are cut in. The eyes of the skull look bigger on the AISLER board.

    In the second round of the OSH Park boards (as seen on the right of the following image) there are no errors in the silkscreen though.

    The stencil of AISLER is looking pretty good, position it right and you can see only gold. 

    Overall I'm pretty happy with the quality of the boards since day one, but I also had some bad luck with orders. On my very first run of boards for the company I work for, I had the ground plane peeking out next to every pin, never happened with any other board manufacturer but was my fault and I could have seen it in the high resolution renders on the page. Since then they did a lot of magic to process the boards before they go in production. They seem to constantly update and upgrade their services and product, which is great if you think about it, but it might happen that you get a wild outline or your order of a "non public test run of steel stencils" (!) gets lost in an excel file :D (they don't use excel for that, now that it's public!!) But as with OSH Park the staff is communicative and interested in how they can improve and make it easier for you to make things. They're also in the process of adding PCB assembly to their services. 

    Their page gives you version management and the option to change board designs up until manufacturing begins, something that one person or another might miss in OSH Park (although production at OSH Park starts way sooner due to higher demand and a nice mail to support@oshpark.com might fix file problems). If they manage to nail the "order 3 complete prototypes" then AISLER would win the hearts by a lot of people, IMHO.