Schematic first concept

A project log for Board for modular LED wearables

Board design which makes it easy to attach LED light strips (APA102). No soldering is required by the maker who is using this board

Sander van de BorSander van de Bor 12/02/2018 at 07:050 Comments

Started creating a schematic based on the micronucleus ATtiny84a bootloader configuration (t84_default). According to this configuration, USB D- is on PB0, USB D+ on B1, and LED is on PB2, active Low. PB2 is the interrupt pin (INT0) as well, and probably for this reason the LED is active low. There will be 5V on the INT0 pin to detect an int erupt, and that would turn on the LED with it is set for active high. A mosfet is used to switch between USB and the battery. I have used Schottky diodes in my earlier designs, but the voltage drop caused by the diode would dim the LED's quite a bit. Using the mosfet will also reduce the energy losses when running on the battery. 10uF capacitors are used on the incoming power and at the battery charger. 100nF at the ATtiny and for each LED array. I might add a microphone for future expansion, which will be connected to pin A0 (for an analog in).