Rechargeable Battery Operated Suction Cup and mounting system. For holding hundreds of your personal belongings. I.E. phone, GPS etc.

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Are you tired of applying suction cups to your windshield or other smooth surfaces that would let's say hold your cell phone or your GPS only to have them fall off and hit the ground or spill a drink while you are trying to drive? Well fear not anymore because our proven break through design and integrated technology will have you feeling confident about your expensive property staying in place where you put it. Our Mini Batt Vac is a portable rechargeable battery operated mounting system so it's more than just another suction cup.

Hi everybody,

we're doing this idea into reality for a purposes:

1-  I am tired using the manual suction cup, to hold my mobile devices such My Iphone, but the problem how to maintain  the vacuum, so from that point I start to do my research to convert mechanical suction cup to be autonomous it maintain my target vacuum pressure to hold my system mount.

below the  introduction video:

"Rest of details will be updates tonight as I am new to this platform :))) "

see you...

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Olivier Tesson wrote 02/22/2020 at 11:10 point

Is this project still active ? This would solve my problem and have a need for 100 of these.

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