Trying to repair $150 Sonicare toothbrush

Some results, Still fail. Still thinking.

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One day I went to use my $150 toothbrush, only to find that it was completely dead. After basic troubleshooting it was determined to not be a failure of the induction base as using the travel charger would not help. To the internet I went and found a few leads. The batteries seem to only last for 1-2 years. There were several posts about people repairing the cheaper $100 toothbrushes, but not the higher grade Diamond toothbrush. I acquired the toothbrush in better financial times however a mortgage payment and upcoming wedding prevent me from dropping a quick buck on a toothbrush. Battery replacement resulting in working toothbrush, but only for a short time as something is causing the battery to discharge. I noted a 620 ohm resistor getting very hot upon installation of new battery. Inside the brush is a PIC16 microcontroller.

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Martin wrote 12/18/2017 at 16:27 point

The part in question is an  array, quad resistor, with 62 Ohms each. So you have to look where the resistors are connected. Obviously not (only) the battery failed, but something in the electronics, which causes power at this resistor. Some component must be shorted out, perhaps this resistors are part of the charging circuit? But "sonicare" is some kind of "sound" toothbrush. So it does not have a conventional motor. And it needs an oscillator to power the sound transducer (solenoid? piezo?)

You will have to do some reverse engineering of the circuits, look where the power comes and goes.

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