This is a project requested specifically by an Occupational Therapist in the Vancouver BC area, for a six -year old student she is working with global developmental delay and autism. He is just starting to use his hands with purpose and a major goal of this project is to encourage use of hands, and learn cause and effect.

In general, the device should be cylindrical in shape, about the size of a toilet paper roll. He currently carries some books and likes carrying a clothe. It is important the device is relatively light weight, with the child able to carry a pound or two. It should be able to withstand being dropped.

The primary function of this toy is, when picked up, it should turn on music – the child responds very positively to children’s Vietnamese Music. It should continue to play as long as he is holding it. When put down, it should stop playing. Our initial thought is that is could be activated with conductive touch board or conductive filament. His ability to target an area is limited, so a large activation surface is important.

Stretch goals for the project could include: – Volume control. – If the device is able to also light up that is a benefit, but a stretch goal – playing music is the primary output of engagement.

Rough budget for the project is $50 – $75 dollars. The parents will cover the cost of parts for the final project. Makers Making Change will help cover the costs of building a prototype.

Please see attached resources for our initial ideas.

The child and the Occupational Therapist are open to meeting to test prototypes.