A project log for PolyMod 2: modular digital synthesizer

New, improved version of the PolyMod modular digital synthesizer, which was a Hackaday Prize semi-finalist in 2018.

Matt BradshawMatt Bradshaw 03/25/2019 at 12:270 Comments

After a couple of busy months, I finally carved out some time to have a proper think about PolyMod 2. I had been somewhat paralysed by indecision, given the sheer number of possibilities in terms of features, form factor, microcontroller, price point, construction method, etc. However, a late-night exploratory session on KiCad focused my mind, and I think I now have a reasonably firm idea of everything. Here is my current thinking:

And what does all this mean for the specifications? Here are the current likely connectivity specs:

And the other features:

If anyone has any thoughts, please comment below - the project is still at a fairly malleable stage right now, but will crystallise over the coming weeks!