Magnetic Paper Actuators

Electromagnet drawn on paper

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A fun little project to try and make paper actuators.

This year I have design various kind of motors that are made from PCBs. These designs have inspired me to try and create an electromagnet drawn on paper! 

To draw the coil I have used conductive ink that created a much smaller resistance than if I used a normal 2B graphite pencil. I started out with 35 turns but the resistance still got to 2.4kohms, so i reduced the turns to 20 and got a 60 ohms independence. 

As shown in the video I managed to get some good results for attraction and repulsion. There is still some room for improving the "electromagnetic drawing". I can try to make the coils a little thicker to reduce the resistance as much as possible. I can also use thinner paper to get more flex and also try drawing it on both sides. 

Coil Template.pdf

Template for the coil

Adobe Portable Document Format - 7.22 kB - 12/28/2018 at 02:04


  • Paper Actuated Butterfly

    Carl Bugeja06/30/2019 at 08:45 0 comments

    This is my second attempt in trying to create Paper Electromagnetic Actuators! With the help of a plotter I was able to get much better results for the coils. There's a lot of applications these paper actuators can be used in but as a final demo I decided to make a paper butterfly that uses these coils to flap its wings.

    1st Attempt Video:

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