Parrot Disco 3S3P 4G Canopy

A canopy which allows the Implementation of a large capacity battery and a 4G dongle into a new canopy

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Objectives : have a 4G capable drone and a long flight time

Constraints : conserve CG position and flight characterics.

The battery is composed of 9x 21700 cells mounted in 3s3p (11.1V ans 15000mAh).

Each battery cell is a d21mm*h70mm cylinder of 63g.

The 4G dongle is a huawei (see uavpal softmod).

The CG of the original [canopy + battery] is located, of course, next to the CG of the original battery. Inertia axis are influenced by the canopy. Thus one axis has a "pitch" angle that need to be imitate. The cells positions had been chosen so as to conserve CG position and conserve the orientation of inertia axis. The battery cells had also been placed so as to have the best compromise without modifying the others parts of the drone.

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How does this site work ? do you share your files on a project that you may be designing or do you trade files or sell them. Like I said above I am just a Newbie here .

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kk6rgn wrote 06/01/2019 at 20:06 point

I am new to the site and just getting my feet wet

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