Little big update

A project log for Interfacing a Course Deviation Indicator

Developing a computer interface for a real aircraft CDI that provides all necessary control signals

Marian KellerMarian Keller 03/22/2022 at 03:340 Comments

I try to catch up with all my projects ... eventually. Good news for everyone trying to get their dust-collecting old instruments to life. After using the ESP32 for some work-related projects I was confident that it is the perfect platform for this - cheap, performant, and not affected too badly by the ongoing shortages.

So there we are, I got the VOR signal generation running, even wrote a small plugin to integrate with X-Plane. You can find the alpha code for the ESP32 on GitHub. More details and the plugin following shortly. Also, small extension of the project scope, I will also implement localizer and glideslope signal generation, so that you can really get the full functionality of the CDI.