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Bringing the power of the Movidius Myriad X to Raspberry Pi (and your design!)

BrandonBrandon 04/29/2019 at 18:145 Comments

Hey everyone!

So we did it.  We ORDERED our first boards.  Man, low-volume pricing on tight-tolerance boards is so painful.

Fortunately we think our kids are crafty, so they won't need a college fund, right?

We're actually going with a modular approach from what we learned from this, so that we can make various hardware incarnations, which will all leverage the same Myriad X module.

That way we don't have to give up our kids' college funds every time we decide to change features/form-factor/etc.

So that's what we're currently working on.  The current plan for the module are 2 x MIPI 4-lane which are usable as 4 x MIPI 2-lane and of course USB and all that jazz.

The idea is that this allows up to 4x 2-lane cameras, 1x 4-lane camera and 2x 2-lane cameras, or 2x 4-lane cameras.

Which we think should cover any/all permutations of the boards that this module will go on.  If there's interest, we'll sell the module alone as well.


And as a bonus, here's one of the camera modules, which is a greyscale stereo pair:


psykhon wrote 05/26/2019 at 00:51 point

Dude, great work. Can't wait to get my hands on one of these, when do you think they will be available?

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Brandon wrote 05/26/2019 at 04:39 point


Estimated schedule summary:

1.  Our little dev. Board above: mid-to-late June (waiting on camera modules).

2.  Myriad X System on Module: early-ish July

3.  Raspberry Pi 3B+ CM + Myriad X SoM carrier board: late July

So we’re thinking probably we’ll have the version with a Raspberry Pi Compute Module slot out in late July, and probably the Myriad X modules themselves available probably early-to-mid July.

We actually just got the main board above (but not yet the camera modules yet) back on Friday and it worked!  It printed Hello World successfully (in German, because that’s more fun).

Will update with a new project log probably tomorrow, on both the boards we just got back and exciting progress on the Myriad X module.



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Brandon wrote 04/30/2019 at 15:44 point

Just posted above.

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Brandon wrote 04/30/2019 at 15:39 point

Great questions!  I meant to post screenshots and then got distracted.  Will update above!

And it's a 6-layer board.  Took some work to keep it to that few layers.  Maybe if we're nuts we'll be able to get it down to 4.

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Tegwyn☠Twmffat wrote 04/30/2019 at 07:19 point

Any photos, screenshots? How many PCB layers does it use??

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