Myriad X Module Delayed, First Carrier Board Arrived

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BrandonBrandon 07/17/2019 at 16:441 Comment

Hi everyone!

So I want to start out this post that on every other project with MacroFab we've been quite pleased with MacroFab - so we do think this is an exception and a one-time sort of thing with them.

So we got bad news yesterday that our Myriad X module, which we ordered back on June 26th, had gotten lost in their system.   Worse, it was lost in such a way that the automation was telling all their management and engineers (and us) that everything was in-progress and on-time to ship on July 15th.  So when we kept asking (as we're super excited to get these back), they (truthfully) kept telling us that all was good - as that's what their system was telling them.  (Such a thing actually belies an impressive amount of automation on the part of MacroFab, actually, that there's such trust in the automation, and that such extensive automation exists.)

So anyways, on July 10th when we checked in once again, the following anomaly popped up this time:

Notice that the start date is set for 8 days after the ship date.  Doh!

This prompted MacroFab to dig in more... it was the first sign that something was amiss.  And in digging in, they discovered that there was a corner-case bug with their recent upgrade of their automation software, and our order and 2 orders had fallen into that corner.  :-)

So what does this mean for us?  We thought the 3-week countdown to having the Myriad X module started on June 26th.  Nope.  Because of this bug, it actually starts today!  So we're looking at August 8th for our first modules to come in.

A bummer, for sure, but this happens in the world of doing things, making things.  And, the good news, is the little breakout board for the module did arrive on time (we ordered them so that they'd arrive same day, which was yesterday):

So we tested as far as we could on these, but real testing will happen when the Myriad X module that this is designed for gets in around August 8th.  Anyways, they look good so far (they're pretty simple, mainly just a breakout board):

  1. No solder joints looked problematic
  2. Application of 5V was nominal, and the 3v3 regulator turned on and generated 3.3V
  3. The tiny FB chokes on the differential pairs all showed continuity from one side to the other, but also showed isolation from + to - lines of the same diff pair, indicating proper soldering
  4. 5V is present at the input of the 1099 connector and also at both camera connectors, as expected. 

We also have some stereo depth firmware updates we're going to share soon!  Some promising results!


The Luxonis Team


Brian wrote 07/17/2019 at 18:36 point

> A bummer, for sure, but this happens in the world of doing things, making things. 

Indeed, but exciting news on the progress! 

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