Myriad X Modules | Good News and Bad News

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Bringing the power of the Movidius Myriad X to Raspberry Pi (and your design!)

BrandonBrandon 08/21/2019 at 06:122 Comments

Good news:

Our Myriad X modules did ship, they arrived, and they do work!

The bad news:

They look like this:

So in simplifying boot sequencing and the power rails required, we swapped some of the timing and control signals... which are fixed above w/ the white-wires (well, green wires, but you know what I mean).

Also, funnily enough, JTAG isn't communicating... so we're debugging that as well.  The devices are USB-booting however and running (uncalibrated) disparity depth from the global-shutter sensors.  (The color sensor isn't tested yet.)

And currently this board is lower framerate than our BW0235... so we're investigating the root of that as well.  We're thinking it has to do w/ the mix-up on the boot/reset signaling, which is causing some code to have to repeatedly timeout - but either way we'll find out soon!


The Luxonis Team


Brandon wrote 08/21/2019 at 15:23 point

Thanks!  So this round is MacroFab and we actually used your recommendation (KingTop) on the BW1097 (carrier board for raspberry pi and this module) and also we’re going to do the next round of these with them as they look super good at fine-pitch bga stuff.  That and Andy there is super duper responsive and helpful.

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Patrick Van Oosterwijck wrote 08/21/2019 at 14:36 point

Nice! So who did you use to assemble these?

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