What you Need:

1. InvIoT U1 board from InvIoT.com

2. a FDTI232 USB to UART programmer or any other programmer

3. USB cable

4. latest version of arduino IDE

5. Library for U1. Download the latest library from U1 library. Online manual, more examples and help for the library can be found here.

Connect, upload, set time

1. connect FTDI

2. install latest version of arduino IDE and the InvIoT library. Info on how to install can be found at InvIoT.com 'software setup'

3. on arduino IDE goto File->Examples->InvIoT->g.Applications->alarm Clock

4. press upload

5. setup clock time.

you can change in the code the format from 24 hour to 12 hour and the C to F