Inverted logic, for petals.

A project log for Christine's Blooming Rose

3D printed, heat formed, servo actuated blooming, Dotstar module lit, rose.

Daren SchwenkeDaren Schwenke 02/17/2019 at 02:382 Comments

So the petals spring open now instead of closed.  


Still a little tight on my pin/slots.  I can probably do better, but this works for now.

@Morning.Star completed the code for this in record time.  Haven't gotten to try it yet, but it looks good.


Morning.Star wrote 02/17/2019 at 07:23 point

The code is very basic for now ;-) But thanks dude :-D

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Daren Schwenke wrote 02/17/2019 at 08:13 point

Basic, and done is awesome!  Progressive enhancement is a whole lot better than maybe perfect... and 2 weeks out.

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