Wave form generator, arduino compatible

Signal generator using the InvIoT U1 board and the module

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A signal generator project using the InvIoT U1 board and a module with the IC AD9833 DDS.
The module can generate from 0 to 12.5 MHZ square, triangle and sine wave.

There are many boards with the AD9833 chip. I use the one that has an onboard applifier.

Inviot U1 at Kickstarter

x-arduino - 4.11 kB - 10/16/2016 at 21:07


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    Step 1

    Set up

    1. connect the AD9833 module with the U1.


    AD9833 U1


    VCC 5V

    GND GR

    FSY D10

    CLK D13

    DAT D11

    2. Upload the sketch that is found in the library of the InvIoT. Open your arduino IDE, file/examples/InvIoT_U1/applications/signalGenerator

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