This is a companion project to TERMINAL-BASIC.  I am developing additional PCBs for this project but wanted to get something built "quick and dirty" to get started.

!!! Important Considerations for Alpha PCB !!!

  1. This board has NO voltage regulation, reverse polarity protection or other niceties - it requires 5v and 5v only at the barrel jack.  Cheap-o 5v wall warts work great!
  2. While Terminal Basic supports SD, PS/2 and Composite video - none of them have been broken out on this board.  All are available via pin connections - and yes I'm working on the boards that will include the appropriate connectors - but the Alpha board doesn't have 'em.
  3. You WILL need a 6 pin FTDI breakout board to connect to PUTTY or your favorite (inferior) terminal software.  I run PUTTY on a Raspberry Pi 3 and have found it a perfect companion to this project :)