• Second log

    Miroslav Zuzelka12/29/2016 at 09:44 0 comments

    Hi all,

    I just want to show you that my board is working. Here is few pictures and video of whole working setup of the board on RPi 2.

    I connected just power for the RPi2, power for stepper motor and LAN cable.

    Turn down your sound a bit ;-).

  • First log

    Miroslav Zuzelka08/01/2016 at 11:48 0 comments

    Hi folks,

    first of all thanks that you are looking at my project. I do this project because I want controll my (not finished) CNC remotely and don´t want to waste whole PC, which should be connected to it. I think Raspberry Pi is enough powerfull for this task and Octoprint is nice example of this.

    I did this board modular as posiible. I think is better to have components in modules because if something goes wrong you can swap one piece and you can keep going on with your work, than have everything solder to one board which is uselles if somethings blow up.

    At this time board is fully functional. It is fourth or fifth revision but first made at PCB factory. I completed 2 boards (which you can see on pictures) and tested one which have connector for RPi. First tests finished very well (I think), so now I´m looking for few people which are interested in this project and want to help me find some bugs on the board. Because I´m developing this in my own time and spend my money on it, I can not give it for free. If is somebody interested in this board let me know in comments and we can discuss price of board with or without components.

    Many thanks