Bad Apple!! color VFD ver.

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Bad Apple!! on the Noritake itron GU20X8-301 3-color VFD module


qcarver wrote 04/10/2021 at 01:39 point

Hello, very nice. I also have a GU20x8. I am trying to find the library you use gu20x8_write. It is not in your repo. How would I get it? Any tips on what the big header pin outs affect. Couldn't find a manual for it online. okgr8thx

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natalie wrote 04/26/2021 at 03:14 point

All of the code is in badapple.ino, Gu20x8_Write is just a standalone function (although it does need the initial pin setup from lines 64..89).

Most if not all of the other pins are not connected to anything. I think the existing code already uses all pins that do anything. Shame, because I was hoping there would be a vsync signal exposed on the connector, but I couldn't find one...

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