Finally, some publicity!

A project log for RasDash

A Raspberry Pi dashboard built on NodeJS.

benjamin-sykesBenjamin Sykes 05/03/2019 at 13:580 Comments

An article recently published on MOONGIFT, a Japanese developer site, has showcased RasDash! The article is entirely in Japanese and Google Translate won't accept the URL as it has special characters but YANDEX does. Below are some links and a basic translated gist of what the article says.


Original Article (JP)
YANDEX Translation (EN)


Summary (May be slightly broken):

Raspberry Pi have only one at home that many people it is. But this is not found left by others. First to view the status dashboard and use it to make.

Its base as it is RasDash it. The Web browser can be accessed from the Raspberry Pi dashboard.

Web browser access from your tablet display to use would be a good place to begin.


UPDATE: I forced Google Translate to work.
View the new translation here!