Terminal-BASIC programmable calculator

A poket-to-laptop size microcomputer/programmable calculator, based on Arduino DUE and Terminal-BASIC

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This is an attempt of creating the autonomous pocket-to-laptop size device, based on Arduino-DUE and Terminal-BASIC interpreter, which can be used as BASIC programmable calculator or microcomputer. I/O devices include 480x320 TFT display and custom matrix keyboard.

This project is inspired by the nostalgia for portable devices like USSR "Электроника МК-90" and Texas instruments TI-92.

  • Thoughts on matrix keyboard

    Andrey Skvortsov05/06/2019 at 16:09 0 comments

    Here is a first variant of matrix keyboard. I choose 5x9 size as the smallest suitable to support full cyrillic charset and digits on separate keys (33+10).

    It will use 2 shift keys: the red shift and the blue shift, which state will be indicated by the 2 LEDs of corresponding colors.

  • Simple structure

    Andrey Skvortsov04/03/2019 at 11:41 0 comments

    First prototype will consists of minimal number of modules:

  • Firmware is almost done

    Andrey Skvortsov03/31/2019 at 23:59 0 comments

    The firmware is a Terminal-BASIC with UTFT output driver.

    Things to be done includes support for double precision floating point arithmetics (DUE has double reals unlike 8-bit AVRs). and driver for a matrix keyboard of 45 - 48 keys.

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ptrav wrote 06/25/2019 at 03:06 point

Hi Andrey,

I am planning to build something similar to MK-90 with a steno capability for taking notes.

I tried to build your Terminal BASIC from the source, downloaded from the Sourceforge, the writes: "no directory libarduinoext". How to get these files?



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