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A project log for Ultimate Alarm Clock

After many years I finally managed to build a clock that fits all my needs.

Chris BChris B 08/02/2019 at 17:520 Comments

As you might see in the pictures, the aim of this project really was to create a simple prototype quickly. I lasercut the "case", but only with rough dimensions - I of course did not create a CAD model ;) - so I had to manually adapt the holes. The HW is working quite well. There are some ideas about additional features that would be nice, like additonal relay to switch off the USB speakers to reduce current consumption and avoid a (very hardly hearable) humming. Also, activating the screen based on a motion sensor was nice - currently the screen is normally black and you have to touch once to enable it before you can make your settings. But at the moment I am satisfied enough to let the project stay in its current state and I am using it every day (or better night).

As the main clock-related SW is part of the Nextion display SW, there are only few things done by the SW on Arduino: It is waiting to receive a message from the display and sends messages to the MP3 module like start / stop a sound, increase volume etc.
During development I created some parameters that can be changed in the "settings" page:
- standard delta time
- standard aim time
- standard starting volume
- maximum volume
- nap time
- snooze time
- TFT brightness
- max number of snoozing
- anti back to bed time