ESPboy LORA messenger - 8km encrypted chat

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ESP8266, 80/160Mhz, 4/8Mb, WiFi, LCD 128х128, RGBled, HQspeaker, 8 buttons, 600mAh battery, 30x70х15mm

RomanSRomanS 02/02/2020 at 21:250 Comments

Do you suffer from paranoia? Are they spying on you?

Here is the ultimate offer! 

LORA module based on EBYTE solution turning your ESPboy to protected messenger gadget. 

Up to 8km and even more encrypted chat at 868mhz or 433mhz. 

Almost absolute privacy! 

An ideal solution in case of zombie apocalypses!

You don't need GSM or WiFi, nothing. Fully self-contained communication.

I have a plan to do a range test, add a keyboard module and provide additional AES128 (or 256) encryption.

Source code