Park Asset and Condition Monitor

Monitor all the assets and the weather conditions of a public park.

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A public park is a cheap recreational gateway for families or people who wants to have a calm morning or afternoon time.
A single public park could contain a lot of assets that needs to be monitored and maintained regularly, such as various kind of plants and animals
Not only the park should be maintain regularly for the comfort of its visitors, but it also it need to be safe from the air pollution especially if it is located in the middle of the city. so it is crucial to get the pollution data in order for the park management to maintain the air cleanliness.

In order to gather all of those data we need various kind of sensors to read the specific kind of data needed for each aspects of the park. But I guess we don't have to worry about that because the Rapid IoT kit already come built in with the sensors needed to build this project.

So in this project I will show you how easy it is to make a dashboard to monitor all assets and weather/air condition in a public park using minimum software and also hardware.

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Blok diagram

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    Preparing the Hardware

    Really, there is nothing a lot to do in here. You just prepare the Rapid IoT kit out of the box and a raspberry pi with an SD card and a decent power source.

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    Preparing the Software

    There are few things needed to do for the software:

    • Raspbian

    just follow this link to install the os

    • Python 2 or 3

    Already built in for the raspbian

    • Pygatt and few of its components
    $ pip install pygatt
    $ pip install "pygatt[GATTTOOL]"
    $ pip install pexpect

    Pygatt is needed to read the advertisements data from the Rapid IoT kit using the ble connection

    • cloud4rpi
    $ pip install cloud4rpi

    This is needed to connect the data to the Cloud4rpi iot service

    I already try various kind of online iot dashboard service such as ubidots, adafruit, thingspeak, etc. For this projects I am gonna use cloud4rpi because of its simplicity and easy to build dashboard system

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    Program the Rapid IoT Kit

    The code and firmware that used for this projects are attached below. To reserve power I turn off the backlight and only send the data I need for the project. If you want clone the project just import the.atmo files attached below

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Good project experiment.

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