Carnivorous plants Terrarium

Automated terrarium for maintaining natural environment for carnivorous plants.

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One of my recent projects that utilizes two of my many hobbies, recently found love to build stuff and growing carnivorous plants.

Main goals for this terrarium:
- everything must be easily replaceable or upgradeable
- save energy and use grow lights only during the cloudy days
- maintain optimal temperature and humidity for plants
- must look more or less nice in my living room (hide wires/sensors as much as possible)
- cheap as possible

This is the main layout from under the terrarium: (looking nice part doe's not apply here :D )

  • 1 × NodeMCU V3 Main controller
  • 1 × MCP23017 I2c Port Expander
  • 1 × SG90 Servo motor
  • 1 × 60V ~ 120V Led Driver
  • 1 × SSD1306 Monochrome 128x32 I2C OLED graphic display

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  • Control Panel

    Robert Sälg04/29/2019 at 15:05 0 comments

    I had great deal of trouble building the control panel from plexiglass and started from scratch at least 4 times.

    This is the first version with 4 button holes, painted with spray paint. Thin plexi tended to crack and spray paint did not stick to it. I tried to sand it and different primers, but paint still peeled off easily.

    So the final version was from thicker 4mm plexiglass and painted with matte black Revell email paint using paintbrush. I used large bristled brush for brushed like pattern and used dremel router for 45 degree angles around the holes.

    I glued in all components using black hotglue.
    - SSD1306 Monochrome 128x32 I2C OLED graphic display
    - 3 tactile buttons
    - 1 single neopixel led / WS2812B
    - random PIR sensor i had laying around ( replaced later with HW-MS03 Microwave Radar motion sensor)

    Finally i quickly made simple connector board between control panel and main controller. Initial intention wast to make connecting easier, simplify powering modules and add pulldown resistors for buttons.

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