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Open Source Oxygen Concentrator for those that need a little more O2 but don't want to pay $$$.

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Oxygen Concentrators have caught my attention. I like building things that make peoples' lives better. I believe this is one of them. Oxygen Concentrators are relatively simple devices. They rely mostly on Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) in which pressurized air passes through adsorbent materials such as Zeolites, which absorbs nitrogen under pressure. This produces concentrated oxygen on the other side of the filter. The nitrogen is released by bringing the filter pressure to atmosphere. After this, the filter cycle can begin again. My plan is to make an open source design that can be made with off-the-shelf parts and without expensive/specialized tools. I will be using a CNC machine to make the top and bottom pressure plates. I am also going to attempt to analyze the oxygen and nitrogen content of the filters using IR LEDs and IR detectors. I will use this data in a feedback control loop to determine how the filter is working and when to actuate the gas control valves.


Side view of the O2 system

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Starting point Power Estimate. This is for worst case power draw of the system.

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