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    "Holy sh*t, look Morty I did not know that was gonna happen. That one's not on me..." - Rick & Morty S4 : E3, One Crew Over the Crewcoos Morty

    But it was worth it.

    Many moons ago I built a robot, called AIME, and published it on Hackaday.

    Her skull came from a cheap Christmas candy box I was given, it was the perfect size and shape so I scraped off the paint, cut a port for a pair of cameras and an ultrasonic range finder and slotted it so it could tilt and turn on a pair of servos.

    Thanks to the UK's appalling social care system I wound up homeless, and my disabled daughter Bea, (who I still care for to this day, unassisted) was taken into care while our social services accused me of every disgusting thing they could think of including criminal insanity to try and cover it up.

    I saw a psychiatrist, who told me to "...get your daughter out of care and take over the world with your robots..." so I did, joining Hackaday.

    Sadly, the skull and an arm, and the software on a hard drive in my holey pocket are all I have left, seeing as I'm still living in social housing with junkies and idiots who dont care for social distancing, or come to that my work, or my daughter. Long story...

    So nobody was more surprised than me to see the same cheap candy box fall out of a prop in a multi-million grossing movie...

    Whoever that was decided to use that as the prop, I thank you ;-)

    Note the countdown timer from this still. 13:13

    Unlucky for some I guess. but not me lol. Fortunately I'd chosen Origami-styled cardboard to rebuild my robot friend, and discovered my true name along the way.

    The Morningstar is a part of Cardware, I needed a way to curve cardboard in two planes simultaneously and accidentally created a hypercube from the same parahedral template as a normal cube, but using curved folds... A Parahedron is a simple polygonal shape that can be folded into a polyhedron so that all the edges meet up, and a cube is AFAIK the only other parahedron that can be made from a single polygon this way.

    Nintendo loved the idea so much they based Labo on the concept, and the rest is heistory.

    Since then my work has cropped up all over the place.

    Rick and Morty is quite the accolade, but I didnt notice they got me twice in S4 : E3 until I watched MI : Fallout and got the skull jokes.

    Thanks Dan and Justin, these are core memories XD.

    The Origami Calling Card is actually featured twice in the same episode. They really got me good lol. In fact, so did MI : Fallout, who used my Quantum Symmetry Protocol, a hardened communications principle that uses a handshake-less error checking and recovery method to sync reception with transmission, as the basis for the twin nuke's ability to detonate when the other one is tampered with, via a radio signal.

    Interesting factoid

    From Wikipedia:

    Pianist André Tchaikowsky donated his skull to the Royal Shakespeare Company for use in theatrical productions, hoping that it would be used as the skull of Yorick.[8] Tchaikowsky died in 1982. His skull was used during rehearsals for a 1989 RSC production of Hamlet starring Mark Rylance, but the company eventually decided to use a replica skull in the performance. Musical director Claire van Kampen, who later married Rylance, recalled:

    As a company, we all felt most privileged to be able to work the gravedigger scene with a real skull ... However, collectively as a group we agreed that as the real power of theatre lies in the complicity of illusion between actor and audience, it would be inappropriate to use a real skull during the performances, in the same way that we would not be using real blood, etc. It is possible that some of us felt a certain primitive taboo about the skull, although the gravedigger, as I recall, was all for it![8]

    David Tennant used the skull of pianist André Tchaikowsky for Yorick's skull in a 2008 Royal Shakespeare Company production.

    Although Tchaikowsky's skull was not used in the performances of this production, its use during rehearsals affected some...

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    "I'll be back"

    Luckily, I dont take myself too seriously. Tip of the hat to you Salec, sir :-D

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    A real advert by and for the UK Government.... The irony of referring to it as a Salary.