• Moving House

    12/17/2018 at 08:12 0 comments

    Well, its just about here.

    The main services are in, and its carpeted. The agency even kindly turfed my yard after telling me I'd have to landscape it myself. In theory, I cannot wait.

    Today I start packing in earnest ready for the removals firm on Thursday. Time to put away my hacky bits and close down until after Christmas.

    Because the logistics were utterly screwed up by Social Services I'm not celebrating Christmas at all. For starters I'll have just 4 days to get all my gear  in, and then it'll be Christmas. I wont have time to prepare a full meal with all the trimmings, or decorate, so Bea is staying at a care home over Christmas while I sort out the place and make it habitable.

    Thanks Social Services.

    On top of that, they promised Bea we'd be in for Christmas, and promised her a new trampoline to replace the one she had. Well, I just had a panicky phonecall from them to say they didnt have a clue, and could I order one from Amazon and send them the bill.
    Obviously thats a crock of sh*t, no way can I organise it with a faceless company so I sent them the link so they could do it. I'd found a huge 14foot one suitable for adults, and theres one left. It may not reach me by Christmas so it said. I sent them the link on Thursday, and its still sat there unbought, no way will it get here in time now.

    Thanks Social Services.

    I also tried to get my internet changed over, but they have a minimum of 14 days notice, and I gave them 10 thanks to having this dumped on me last second as usual. On top of that, its a new build and the Huwaii POTS terminal I found hidden under the stairs isnt hooked up right yet. Its there, but no line.
    I contacted the Internet Provider, and they are running around but they doubt I'll have internet from the 20th for an indefinite period as their engineers want Christmas too. So no internet over Christmas...

    Thanks Social Services

    Next I tried to get a Sky dish put up on the wall. Its a new build, this has to be done professionally by an official engineer, has to go on the rear of the building where it cant see the satellite without a costly special installation. And its right on top of Christmas, when millions of people decide to get Sky for Christmas just for the heck of it. Result, no TV over Christmas either.

    Thanks Social Services

    There's also no mention of the workshop they have yet to replace, and compensation will have to be extracted by a lawyer, because they even refuse to acknowledge that harm came to Bea under their care and keep glossing over it. They refuse to acknowledge any wrongdoing, and when challenged with evidence just close ranks. I've destroyed two social workers to get where I am now, and am currently speaking to senior operations management, and they are even worse than the workers. They dont even have their skills, they are just useless lying wastes of public money besides winding me up.

    Thanks Social Services

    So, I was supposed to be spending Christmas with Bea at the kind offer of the care home looking after her, but thats over here near to the old place, and the new place is miles inland served by a train.

    There are no train services Christmas Day, and taxis traditionally charge double so it'll cost me more than I have just to get over there, never mind get home. I just cannot do it...

    Result, Bea spends Christmas in a care home alone and I stare at the walls even though charity has given me a place at her table. I'm grateful to the carers of course, but they cant help that its basically about the worst time to move.

    Thanks Social Services.

    Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you enjoy yourselves. Raise a glass for me, for in the New Year I'm going to take as much credit as I can get my hands on and hire a lawyer to sue these idiots to Kingdom Come.

  • Mos Regis

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    Walking back from town today I encountered this epic dude. Now I live in the south UK, so there arent many droids around. Its a bit of a backwater.

    You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy..
    . XD

    In fact, its such an unlikely location it totally threw me, and it was only later it dawned on me he must have been loitering with the intent of meeting yours truly.

    I'm glad I spared you the cliches then :-)

    I hope you didnt travel too far for a handshake too my friend. I was on my way to see my Bea or I'd have gladly strolled through town for a pint with a real trooper. I want to know how you did those mouldings dude, they are truly outstanding.

    JM-160695, whoever you are, that was an honour. May we meet again...

  • A Life in the Day of MorningStar

    08/15/2018 at 14:14 10 comments

    I've led an incredible life, one too incredible to keep telling, so I'm putting it all here in brief. Buried among the rest of my stuff it will tell my story until I'm ready to write my book. One day I will, but until then.

    Born Jan 1967, same year as Radio One and BBC2 colour

    This was on at the time. I dont remember it, thankfully :-)

    That however is my first clear memory.

    It was playing on the radio while I sat in the lounge playing with blocks in the first house, summer 1968.

    Knocked over by HRH Duke of Edinborough in his Bentley aged 2

    I grew up in Midhurst, home of International Polo in the UK and host to the Royal Family when Prince Charles played. Waiting at the exit gates after a match, I pulled away from my mother and ran under the tapes, right in front of the car as he drove out. Luckily, he didnt actually hit me as he was moving slowly and I fell in front of the car as he stopped. I do dimly remember it, just an impression of grass and crowds, and all that chrome...

    Reprimanded for painting exclusively in black at kindergarten

    According to the playgroup organiser I was very timid and waited for the other more boisterous children to finish with the paints, leaving only black. I remember a child therapist talking to me about it but back then I couldnt explain whats become a long habit, painting in white on a black background. Its something of a signature today, my artwork is instantly recognisable from the style it developed into. I should point out that if the organiser had paid attention, she'd have noticed I didnt paint in the muddy brown thats left after children get into colours...

    Started taking my toys apart aged 3-4

    Anything that could be disassembled by hand was, and then reassembled to see how it worked and was constructed. Another long habit, I began by not breaking things, and then learning to fix them when they stopped working, and moved on to fixing anything that I could get my hands on.

    Jumped 15 foot off Hayling Island sea wall, broke both feet aged 5

    Work on the sea wall, Hayling Island

    My brother dared me, and I didnt know it was concrete under a layer of sand up by the wall, the rest of the beach was soft and luxurious. I spent the rest of the family holiday in one of those hideous blue disabled buggies with my feet in bandages. I dont think my father ever forgave me for that.

    Goal-judged and scored Polo at Cowdray for Prince Charles aged 8-9

    There isnt much of a goal for Polo. Two wooden posts set in the ground, strong enough that a horse cant knock them down. There's no net either, the horses can run right through the goal so there's a spotter to see if the ball does too. My job was to stand behind the goal post and signal in or out depending on which side it passed me, and there's two posts to check. Its quite an experience for a kid to hide behind a tree while the cavalry charge past, preceded by cannon fire. The ball is solid wood and travels over a hundred miles an hour off the stick, so you had to be small and fast for it, and Polo ponies arent ponies either. It beat a paper round for pocket money tho ;-)

    Apparently its impolite to use human beings as royal target practice now. XD

    Chosen to play hockey for a school training film aged 9-10

    I showed an aptitude for hand-eye coordination quite early, but I was never keen on team games. Hockey was kind of fun, so when the school was approached to make a training film I volunteered for the team. It was boring as hell, but it got me out of English Class.

    There endeth my acting career...

    Recorded by music teacher after class and played as inspiration to the others aged 9-10

    Miss Dewes, a young and pretty music supply teacher was so taken with my choirboy tones she asked me to stay behind during lunchtime so she could record it. I turned pink and agreed, and managed to do a passable impression of Once in Royal...

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