Find your way when you are disconnected in big cities. [for public use]

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Mappedal is a project that uses the ease of maps apps to improve the mobility in big cities for those who are momentarily disconnected. The solution adopted is to use the human energy, through a exercice bike installed in bus stops, in order to generate electricity to charge mobile phones or to access a maps thoughout a touch screen interface. The user can also print the desired route to guide itself when using public transportation, for instance. In this station the user can share its energy with others too.

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marcos3fiuza wrote 06/08/2019 at 03:37 point

- A human can generate at least as much power as a 1m2 solar panel on a sunny day.

- Unlike solar and wind energy, human power is always available, no matter the season or time of day. There’s little need for energy storage.
- Unlike fossil fuels, human power can be a clean power source.
- Unlike solar panels, wind turbines, and batteries, humans don’t need to be manufactured in a factory.
- Unlike all other power sources, human power increases as the human population grows.
- Human power is an all-round power source. Humans not only supply muscle power that can be converted into mechanical energy or electricity, they also produce thermal energy, especially during exercise. Finally, human waste can be converted to biogas and fertiliser.

Human power is the most sustainable power source on Earth. 🙃

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Ken Yap wrote 06/08/2019 at 04:02 point

Soylent Green? 😜

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