A system that betters most modern delivery notification systems. (Ebay, and USPS, and UPS and more)

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It is a delivery notification system it will help with delivery notifications so maybe if the users gone or there and is maybe asleep they will get 3 notifications via sms or verbally or email. Or even if their awake but maybe their elderly and can’t hear well this could help with that too. The main purpose though is to make sure the user gets their delivery notifications on time not all services delivery notification systems will alert the user right then and there.

How I came about this

I was setting in my room one day awaiting a thought on what to utilize my raspberry pi for... Then it hit me why not a delivery notification system on my pi... Which is how PiDeliverySystem was born! 

What hardware does it run on

Raspberry Pi 3 B+

Why did you make it

I wished to help people.

How do I build it

PiDeliverySystem Documentation.pdf

Mostly a FAQ. But indeed is a second documentation for this project of mine.

Adobe Portable Document Format - 221.47 kB - 05/18/2019 at 00:46


  • 1 × Weatherproof Case With Power Button Required For Manageable Startup And Hardware Protection In Outside Environment
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Required Hardware
  • 1 × Pi Camera Utilized For Taking Picture Of Package
  • 1 × Auxiliary Compatible Speaker (optional) Utilized For Verbally Telling User They Have A Package
  • 1 × Email For receiving emails of package

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  • 1
    Flash rasbian onto your raspberry pi
  • 2
    Enable picamera

    Enable picamera with commmand "sudo raspi-config" Interfacing Options > Pi Camera > Enable

  • 3
    Follow Substeps

    Substep 1: Download files and extract the Data folder and along with to Desktop

    Substep 2: Open terminal and run "Cd Desktop"

    Substep 3: run "Python"

    Substep 4: Type in "Crontab -e"

    Substep 5: Go to end of file and paste "@reboot sudo python /home/pi/Desktop/"

    Substep 6: Press Ctrl + o to save

    Substep 7: Press Ctrl + x to exit

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