ESPWatch with Weather forecast

An internet watch based on ESP12, with weather forecasting

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The ESPWatch is based on ESP12 WIFI module, it gets the real time based MQTT, and also the weather forecasting/remote control...

We are still in upgrading the firmware, especially about the weather forecasing and try to reduce the power cost....

There detailed step-step explanation about the coding/programming for the learners:

  • SMD Soldering with Stencil

    Makerfabs06/17/2019 at 07:21 0 comments

    i made a super small stencils, and also a soldering paste into the kit, so that the SMD soldering much more quick and easy.

  • The remote control function?

    Makerfabs05/21/2019 at 11:00 0 comments

    i integrated the "remote control" only to make my smartwatch more function, but actually in my ppractice usage, i do not like this function, as it is actually very trouble for this function, i need cut the wires and add the relays, and program the ESP8266 modules there....  and , actually, i do not need it to "remote control " a relay in my life...

    i though a smart watch with internet connectivity& RTC when there is no internet connectivity , and weather forcasting, would be more suitable for me.....

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