Remove bubbles from your epoxy resin for just $13

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Jasper SikkenJasper Sikken 11/08/2019 at 21:120 Comments

I am really proud of this cheap and simple hack to remove bubbles from epoxy resin. 

I bought this $10 mini battery power USB food vacuum.

I bought this $2.2 glass food preservation jar from a local budget store Action.

And I drilled a hole in the middle of the lid using blue tape (painters tape) and a 2mm metal drill, AND safety gloves and safety glasses.

Then I  whipped 100 grams epoxy resin to make sure it has lots of bubbles and divided it into two paper cups. One cup I vacuumed for 10 minutes and the other not. After pouring into silicone piramide shape mold it looked like the vacuumed resin had more bubbles and the experiment failed. But 24 hours later, when I removed the epoxy from the mold it was clearly visible that vacuuming actually worked really well. 

I think internally it has this vacuum pump that can make -350 mmhg vacuum.