Catan, The Digital Board Game

You know it, you love it, you play it.
Inspired by The Settlers of Catan by Klaus Teuber

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Hello everybody,i love to play the Catan Board game when i was a child and still love it today. So i decidet to create a digital AND 3D printed version from it. Im not able to create good looking 3D models so i picked them from thingiverse.comThanks here to Dakanzla how createt wounderfull tiles. (

Okay the tiles are downloaded and ready to print. Next i startet thinking about what did i want realy.

1. Ambient light (Vulcano with fire)
2. Dynamic Board like the Original
3. Individual Player Color

To do this i startet to create the first Version form the tiles with EAGLE. I googled some thinks and had another great idea that it would be great illumnate the numbers when thay are rolled. 
So i added a mfs522 RFID modul and put the circuit from the Keys in my numbers. Then i startet to order the PCB from

They arrived and it wasnt possible to solder the pin header. I started the first quik and dirty programs to test the other funktions. 

  • Revision 1.2 solving some Problems

    Skorpion-3107/08/2019 at 13:14 0 comments

    After some fails i started creating a second and current Version of the PCB, but i need to do some Changes again a third one will appear, i used normal pin holes (better than castelated one) and calculated the position and distance for streets and Citys. I paneliced this pcbs to get some more for my money. 

    this is the Schematic from the current Version in EAGLE.

    Some Citys

    And the Streets

    I think it looks beautiful

    All player Colors on the Streets

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