Small UPS unit for Raspberry Pi

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POWERMYPI DUE is a small UPS unit for your Raspberry Pi.
There are many UPS shields on the market that do their job well, the only flaws in this products is the high cost and the high capacity of the battery.
POWERMYPI DUE is the first very UPS, with a small battery (LiPo 3.7v 200mA), it allow in case of power failure to clearly shutdown the Raspberry Pi, making your file and operating system safe.
This job is done by using an attiny85 micro thath interact with the Raspberry pi.
In addiction, POWERMYPI DUE is also a LiPo charger, so you don't have to charge the battery on your own.
The Shield connect to the Raspberry Pi GPIO header, and have a button to power on/off the Raspberry Pi.
The board dimension is designed to accept the LiPo battery 402030 series

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