Quantity   Component name
1 × ESP32 Board The cheapest one since we will just use one data GPIO
1 × Addressable LEDs WS2812B or similar I tested so far with one meter but the large is up to you (1 Mtr, 144 leds, about 10€)
1 × 1 mtr Aluminium profile This is optional just to mount the Leds somewhere. I will be uploading in the next hours some STL models that will fit a small ESP32 TTGO board and 220v to 5 VDC converter
1 × AC220V-DC5V 3A 15W (for half a meter) Additionally and if you use a Stripe larger as 72 elements then you will get a brown out error when many LEDs are on since USB delivers max. 500mA so we recommend to give power from an external source than USB