LCD with capacitive touch + microcontroller

Wireless remote control with touch screen (LCD + CPT + any microcontroller) - software + hardware

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Hi everyone,

I am planning on building an end-consumer wireless remote control with touch that will control (via radio waves) an already existing PCB that I've built. Currently, this PCB is controllable by phone (BLE), but I want to build an additional remote as well.

The biggest problem I'm facing is hooking up an LCD to a micro-controller. I am unable to find libraries, put together the code, wiring. I have found various bare LCD versions available for buying.

LCD specs:
- 3.97 (4") or 5" size
- driver: OTM8009A / ST7701S / ILI9806 or other
- interface: RGB / SPI / MIPI / MCU etc.
- capacitive touch screen (panel)
- CTP driver: GT911 or other

Micro-controller specs:
- any (atmega / stm32 / whatever is best)

Other specs: Total size of the remote should be around 60x105mm, which is ok with 3.97". Not sure about 5" but I'm opened to the idea.

I can offer more info, just let me know. I also have various datasheets.
Thank you

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greyli wrote 12/25/2020 at 02:33 point

Hi  Marius,

My name is Grey, I am an engineer.

I have done a project similar to this one you are working on now, and here is the link to my article, which I believe might be helpful to you.

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