Amplifier using vintage output array

What to do when you have a transistor output array from a vintage 80's stereo? Couple it to a driver board from Elliot Sound and crank it up

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I'm sure like me all of us have a lot of parts laying around. Ideas are always running around and I decided to make use of an output transistor array that was pulled from a vintage Realistic Sta-2290 receiver. So my goal was to re-create the vintage sound from those late 70,s early 80's receivers I remember using a combination of vintage and new parts. I notice the vintage late 70's Pioneer SX-1980 receivers are going for up to $4000.00 on ebay. The Realistic Sta-2290 early 80's receiver I found was trashed when I came across it. It had been butchered by someone damaging a good part of one of the main boards and parts were already scaveged that looked like it was on purpose. I salvaged the output array which contained pairs of Sanken 2SC291 / 2SA1215 Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistors rated for 15 amps at 150 watts dissipation.

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