Elliot Williams

Hackaday Writer, Nerd Author (Make: AVR Programming), Former Gov't Statistician, Hackerspacererer

Munich, Germany
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Wassim wrote 02/25/2018 at 14:42 point

Thanks for your like of #Home Smart Mesh , I just updated it with the new gen of nRF51 buttons compatible with the same nRF24 mesh. Also using the shielded PA LNA, I get a mesh of 2km jump, and x4 walls in buildings.

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AVR wrote 12/18/2017 at 17:00 point

Hey Elliot! thanks for plugging my project in the comments of this article

Really appreciate it!

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Leo wrote 12/07/2017 at 00:11 point

Hi,thanks for following my preject!

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Radu Motisan wrote 10/31/2017 at 20:24 point

Thanks for following me!

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Wassim wrote 05/15/2017 at 18:39 point

Hello from Stuttgart and thank you for following my #Home Smart Mesh project, if you have any recommendations on how it can more profit to the community that's welcome.

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Patrick Van Oosterwijck wrote 04/26/2017 at 22:07 point

Thank you for following my #LiFePO4wered/Solar1 project Elliot!

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Stefan Lochbrunner wrote 04/04/2017 at 18:58 point

Hey Elliot, thanks for following, I feel honored! 

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Jan wrote 02/17/2017 at 13:20 point

Hi Elliot! Thanks for stopping by and following my clock!
Best wishes and servus to munich!


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Jonathan Bruneau wrote 02/03/2017 at 07:39 point

Thanks for following my project.  Maybe it'll see the light of day, someday (bad pun).

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Tobias wrote 02/02/2017 at 02:24 point

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Kris Winer wrote 06/22/2016 at 23:11 point

Thanks for the links on your recent ESP8285 post, it drove a lot of traffic to my Tindie amd GitHub ESP8285 Development Board sites. Now if you could just do a post on my Dragonfly STM32L4, Arduino-programmable development board!

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Elliot Williams wrote 02/08/2016 at 18:31 point

No problem!  Awesome build.

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Denis wrote 02/07/2016 at 15:29 point

Hi Elliot, just want to thank you for wrote an article about PSU. That will helps me to stay on course and deliver complete solution that hopefully many other people can build and/or improve.


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danjovic wrote 12/10/2015 at 19:56 point

Thanks again Elliot this time for the Skull to my #Key Pass project. Have you seen my debounce technique? 

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danjovic wrote 11/14/2015 at 01:56 point

Thanks for follow and for the skull in my #AVeRCADE project!

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Bob Burns wrote 10/17/2015 at 23:09 point

Thank you so much for Make: AVR Programming! It's a huge reason I got into programming AVRs.

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The Big One wrote 10/02/2015 at 21:13 point

I just wanted to pass on a big 'thank you' for your articles... I always find them very informative, well written, and fun!  Keep up the great work, and keep on hacking! :-)


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