it's alive! stepper driver with macro-slider

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krzysztof krzeslakkrzysztof krzeslak 08/18/2019 at 15:130 Comments

Hello, today I was finally able to make macro-slider, so I wanted to show off a bit, below is a small demo:

Currently utilizing of this feature needs to be imlemented on Android app side, but for controller testing i just sent http request from laptop, so next step we be adding blocks for driving this from Android app.

                                      I also designed and 3-d printed some holders for driver board

As i mentioned in one of logs i decided to use "pulse" like interface for driving stepper boards, it's really simple and work like that:

 pulses below 2ms time will make stepper move in one direction

 pulses above 2ms will make it's moving in opposite direction

 and till now it works pretty well. 

As currently i've used 1mm/rev trapezoidal screw and stepper motor has standard 200steps per revolution so theoretically it should have 5-microns resolution.

Currently i already had some ideas about new driver board as I think it will be handy to have there some buttons to "manually" move slider.

So watch for updates... :)