Solar Powered Torch

A useless torch that only lights up when pointed directly at the sun.

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If the sun isn't quite bright enough, give it a hand with this torch. Directly powered by solar energy, this is completely useless for anything other than lighting up the sun. Literally, a mirror would work better.
I have no images of it working, as it is cloudy today. But it definitely works.

This is a simple design created for the macrofab useless machines competition. It's a classic useless torch, only lighting up in direct sunlight, and with minimal components. I could print a torch shaped holder for it, but really, what's the point? We all know it's useless. 

I would have preferred to use a larger solar panel and make it work without direct sunlight, but I couldn't find one, so tough luck. 

  • Cloudy Day

    SirDan07/28/2019 at 15:41 0 comments

    So, I've built this today, but I cannot test it properly as the sun isn't shining. Prior to assembly, it definitely worked using an actual torch. However now the LED is on top, pointing the torch at it makes it impossible to tell if the LED is on, or just lit up by the torch. 

    If the sun comes out, I'll test it again. 

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  • 1
    Acquire Items

    I demolished one of those garden solar lights. Available for 50p in any cheap shop, or for free from a neighbour's garden. 

  • 2
    Rip Out Guts

    Who needs lights at night? Take out the tiny battery and control circuit. All we need is the solar panel and an LED. 

  • 3
    Solder Together

    Once you have the solar panel and LED, solder them together. Ideally make the LED point the same way as the solar panel, for maximum sun torch effect. 

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