Quantity   Component name
1 × Bluetooth Module HC-05 In order for the robot to communicate with a remote control over the phone.
1 × MPU 9250 A high precision gyro that helped with positioning of the robots.
1 × L293D Motor Driver IC Basic Motor Driver IC that can be easily wired to control two motors
10 × JST Connectors Connectors bought were all pre-made and didn't require additional modifications
4 × Block Terminals Helps with easy removal of wires
3 × Fuses 5A As a protection for the current draw of the entire robot.
1 × Panel Mount Fuse Holder This helped with quick and easy access to the robot's main power fuse.
1 × 200 RPM Planetary Gear Motors These motors were salvaged from spare machinery that helped reduce the cost greatly
1 × Arduino Mega R3 This was chosen due to its large number of digital and analog inputs and outputs
2 × Batteries 2200 mah This capacity was enough for this robot. Full charge lasted and entire day of testing the robot
1 × Voltmeter To be able to view the voltage level of the battery
2 × Toggle Switches Switches to control the main power from the batteries and RGB leds
1 × RGB Light Strip Light was meant mostly for aesthetics
5 × IR Sensors Basic IR modules
5 × IR Leds and Recievers These were bought in order to bring about extensions to the existing IR sensors.
1 × High Current Silicone Wires These were chosen due to their high current carrying capacity that helped cope with the problem of over heating
1 × Perfboard We selected a high quality perfboard in order to match the looks