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esot.ericesot.eric 08/24/2019 at 21:322 Comments

Been working quite a bit, for weeks now, on trying to figure out the best way to make-use of a literal stack of USB battery-packs I got for a steal...

I haven't the energy to go into the details of half a spiral-notebook's worth of thoughts, right now, but the basic conclusion is to put them all in series for 40V 2A [80W for two hours!] And use a bunch of DC-DC converters to make it basically a multipurpose portable power-supply. I lucked[?] on a steal for 12 floating/isolated-output 5V 6A buck-converters for the cost of a couple meals at a drive-thru. No joke. These ain't yer no-name-brand modules, either, we're talking any one of these would easily be worth what I paid for all of them, even used. We're talking the sorta devices used to power servers with multiple redundant slide-out power supplies each attached to a dedicated UPS. We're talking... surplus is awesome.

Did I mention isolated-outputs? That means you can put all the inputs in parallel [40V] and the outputs in any series configuration you can think of. And they're [slightly] adjustable, so three in series, set to 4V will give 12V@6A.

So, wow!

Wasn't exactly planning to put *all* may battery-packs "in one basket," but this could be quite the tool.


Today I was diggin' the radio... rare I wanna keep listening to the same station for two+ songs after I park...

Occurred to me it wouldn't be difficult to tap into the "accessories" wire from the key-switch, and run the stereo [and more] off the new power-bank. 

Might become a thing... tinny speakers are lame.


Dr. Cockroach wrote 08/24/2019 at 22:11 point

That's some serious power you will have there for sure and for just about anything :-)

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esot.eric wrote 08/25/2019 at 00:03 point

LOL, right?! 

It'd be almost foolish not to build a 120VAC inverter into it, too.

Hey Dr.C, long time no see :)

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