Real Time Clock Module

A project log for Fetch: A Ferrofluid Display

A 252 electromagnet-matrix that controls Ferrofluid

Applied ProcrastinationApplied Procrastination 12/19/2019 at 19:530 Comments

We've added a small perf-board that breaks out I2C-SDA0 (PIN 18), I2C-SCL0 (PIN 19) and 3.3V (which we for some reason hadn't already expanded). The perf-board also hosts an Adafruit DS3231 Real Time Clock (RTC) Module, which means that we now, after some minor code-adjustments, have a "clock mode" for our display.

When operating in "clock mode", the display will show the time with one minute resolution. Every time a minute has passed, the display will load a new animation from the SD-card and display it. We change modes with a 4-way switch that is yet to be documented (our guess is that the current code might not be self-documenting 😅) . 

We'll publish some logs documenting the switch and some buttons we've added, for easier operation, at a later time.